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Happy Roots 

What is Happy Roots?

Happy Roots is an easy, smart and flexible way to water your plants using rainwater - the collected water does all the work, through our build-in plant watering system.

With the new innovative watering tank, Happy Roots, we have created an easy and smart way for your plants to get the water they need.

Do your plants often dry out, or do you think you spend too much time watering and maintaining them - then Happy Roots is perfect for you!

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What is Happy Roots?

The element is 25 x 25 x 10 cm / 9.8 x 9.8 x 4 in, making it able to hold about 5 liters of water - enough to keep your plants’ roots happy until the next rainfall (of course not in drought periods, where you will need to bring out the watering can).

The element is capable of withholding 1 meter / 3.2 feet of soil and plant material above it - equalling about 100 kg / 220 pounds.

It can be installed into raised plant beds, big pots of different sizes as well as in planters for terraces, balconies, etc.


How it works

Happy Roots has a unique design - it withholds excess rainwater, and when your plants need it, their roots will draw water out of Happy Roots through the unique irrigation system.
Capillary irrigation with Happy Roots

Step 1

Install Happy Roots beneath soil

In your plant bed/rose garden/flower box etc.

Capillary irrigation with Happy Roots

Step 2

The excess water is retained

Rainwater is collected in Happy Roots.

Capillary irrigation with Happy Roots

Step 3

The capillary irrigation system transports the water upwards

Now the roots can access the water, when they need it.

Capillary irrigation with Happy Roots

Step 4

The plants’ roots draw water from Happy Roots

... and stay Happy!


Where can Happy Roots be installed

Capillary irrigation with Happy Roots

In raised plant beds

Capillary irrigation with Happy Roots

Beneath flower beds

Capillary irrigation with Happy Roots

In flower bowls on the balcony

Capillary irrigation with Happy Roots

In the terrace plant beds

... and wherever you find suitable.

Get creative with it!

Install it wherever you'd like to be sure your plants have Happy Roots.



Happy Roots can be tiled - so it fits perfectly into wherever you need to install it.


One Happy Roots can withstand up to 1 meter/3,2 ft. of soil and plant material - equaling about 100 kg/220 lbs.

Capillary irrigation

The unique irrigation system makes sure that your plants only draw the water they need.

Air to roots

For plants to thrive, the roots need air as well as water. Happy Roots is build to let the soil breathe.

Easy installation

Everybody can use Happy Roots - it is so easy to install, that a kid could do it!

Ready for water level check

It's possible to integrate a water level checker using a simple DIY solution - we have worked out a low-tech concept to show if Happy Roots is full or empty.

Integrated overflow

We have designed Happy Roots with a smart overflowing system. If more rain falls than Happy Roots can withhold, it will automatically let out the excess water, so your plants won’t get flooded.

Easily disposable

Happy Roots is made of sustainable bio-plast. This means that you can dispose of it with ease, and that it won’t take a toll on the environment.

Stackable for easy storage

You can stack your Happy Roots so they won’t take up a lot of space when not in use.

Suggested Happy Rooters

These guys would love some Happy Roots beneath them

Happy Roots can be used with most plants - as long as the root system is not too robust (as with big trees and bushes). Here are a few examples of plant sorts that will love Happy Roots - and we’re sure, you can come up with even more.

Your choice?

How deep into the soil you need to install Happy Roots, and how long the drought periods between rainfalls can be, completely depends on your type of plant, and the length of its roots.

We have designed Happy Roots with household gardening in mind, so whether you grow vegetables, flowers or some other awesome vegetation, Happy Roots will most likely fit your needs.

Ask your local plant expert for advice on soil depth for your chosen plants.

Future Happy customers

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Recent development updates

  • The Happy Roots website is live!

    The Happy Roots website is live. We're very happy with how it has turned out, and look forward to your responses. Don't hesitate to give feedback of any sorts. We're very interested in hearing your opinions on our project! 🙂 Stay Green! - Lars